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We were one of those girls, while studying did not even find a spare time to learn cooking, not all those traditional cuisines but even the one from our mother. This made a problem when we after marriage had to build our own kitchen.

Today by the dawn of realization that education is more or less equal for both the sexes, cooking is not for women only more men are also getting into it, its true because 50% of our young men are going abroad for employment and studies. Only after going there, they realize missing our traditional, mother’s recipe and Indian cuisines.

In my site, I have just put forward all i have heard, experimented, and collected writings of the most authentic and trendy recipes. Since tastes differ from one to another,one can innovate their own quantities of ingredients or can use the same as instructed . I hope so that no one gets disappointed with my recipes ,as i will try to give you more and more recipes even from other countries and our Indian cuisines. Kindly encourage me with your comments and questions regarding cooking . I will be happy if this will contribute a little to your culinary satisfaction..

More to come… Party meal  Fast Food, Hot Snacks, Cool Drinks, Diabetics food and Diet food…                       Heartsmall




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