HENNA is a tall shrub,flowering plant.Its botanical name is LAWSONIA INERMIS. It is a species of GENUS LAWSONIA. It comes from LYTHRACEAE family. It is multi branched with spine tipped.

It produces a red orange dye from its molecules,which is a natural secretion,that gives us the brick red color. The leaves of this shrub has a pleasant natural fragrance with Medicinal properties.

Henna Powder & Paste

The word comes from the Arabic name hina(حــنــا) . The leaves are used in henna application. It is used as a dye for hair, nails, lips, decorating skin and even in dying silk and woolen clothes as a preservative.

The leaves are either grind ed to a paste or dried and powdered for using in this application. Its natural ingredient Hennotanic acid is vital for nourishment of hair.the oil extract from its flowers is used in perfumery.

Henna Medicinal Remedies:

henna medicine 1
Henna Medicine


The henna acts as a heat reducer for our body and head. It is also an antibacterial, anti-hemorrhagic and anti-fungal agent. It is used in treating skin problems like sun burns and skin boils and inflammation It is also used in…

  • Treatment of Baldness – boil mustard oil with henna leaves,extract this oil and keep tightly closed in a bottle.Regular massage with this oil increases hair growth.
  • Treatment of Dysentery – mix powder of henna seeds with ghee,and make small balls(2 to4 decigram).It can also be given water.This gives better result.
  • Treatment of Jaundice – Henna barks powder is given as 2 to 5 deci gram doses for this treatment.
  • Treatment of Headache – Put a plaster with a cotton cloth soaked in henna flower concentrate and vinegar.
  • Treatment of Sore (dry) throat – do same as oil pulling with the syrup of henna leaves,and spit it out. This gives good result.
  • Treatment of prickly heat – the paste of henna leaves should be applied in affected area. This reduces body heat.

Today it has become a main ingredient in ladies shampoos. But it is still popular only as beautifying agent.


Mehandi is the Ancient art of applying henna for decorating our body. It gives an ethnic embroidery to our skin in special occasions.The artful use of this fragrant natural red dye is largely feminine.

In most Islamic countries henna application is reserved for EID, Weddings, Pregnancy and Birth, Occasional parties. While in others as everyday beautification.

In Western and American countries it is a trendy “things to do” among everyone and among teenagers. They apply as tattoos as small designer y logos, by using different Colors. These are temporary tattoos and they change often to new trendy designs.

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Emirate Arabi Henna Designs

Arabic Eid Henna Designs

Eid is celebrated for happiness in Islamic communities . There is no celebration without henna mehndi for women and modern girls. Art of Mehndi designs is for women and young girls. Henna art makes their hand look very cute and lovely. Eid 2012 is coming soon. All the henna lovers search during Eid to get latest and pretty designs. Mix and match your favorite designs to adore your hands. Get more creative ultimate henna designs through our website www.EasyRecipes.in.

Eid is celebrated in Dubai and all of the tourist love to fill their hands with emirate Arabi Eid Henna Designs, Dubai Designs and  UAE henna Designs  while their visit to the United Arab Emirates UAE .

Emirate henna designs or the gulf henna designs is very simple to fill in your hands within a short span of time without too much intricate henna designs.

Get updated with Easyrecipes.in by becoming a member through social networking sites linked below. Get all the EID mehndi and all the latest mehndi designs direct to your inbox.

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Latest Henna Designs

Amazing Latest mehndi designs

Simple Tattoo modeled designs are one of the attractive collection designs of this EID festive occasion of all gender and in all culture festivals and parties . Kids & women love filling fantastic and creative Mehndi designs in their hands, legs and nowadays around all parts of their body as a center of attraction  for beauty and prettiness.

Modern mehndi designs  patterns are time conservative and using colored gels and latest available colored mehndi tubes you can adore your festive garments with matching colored classical designs .Just give an outline and fill with colors of your choice. Enjoy this festive season of EID, DIWALI, CHRISTMAS with your favorite designs of festive mehndi designs of EASYRECIPES.IN.

Get updated with Easyrecipes.in by becoming a member through social networking sites linked below. Get all the EID mehndi and all the latest mehndi designs direct to your inbox.

No headache to pick leaves from henna tree and grind leaves as a paste and put in hand for more hours. Instant latest  mehndi designs are very simple and easy handle to all to draw their own creative mehndi designs as the will in anywhere.

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Arabic Henna Design

Eid Hand Designs

Eid Festivals

  1. Eid AL-Fitr – is celebrated on every Islamic calender month end of Ramadan and Shawal first. Eid AL-Fitr  marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.

  2. Eid AL-Adha – is celebrated on every Islamic calender month of Dhul Hijja 10th day to 13 day. This Eid festival known as Feast of Sacrifice, because an animal like lamb or camel is sacrificed as thanksgiving to God. In this time Muslim go for the  Pilgrimage to mecca ( Al-Makkah ) to finish their important sunnah of Haj  in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Eid Henna Designs:

In this Eid festival women and Children apply  henna designs of their own willing stylish model on their hands and legs to celebrate Eid. Below is  one of our Simple Arabic Eid Henna Mehndi Designs for our valuable Readers to celebrate Eid Festival.

This Eid Mehndi design designed with floral and leaf pattern. This henna is simple colorful and modern for any special occasion.


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Free Style Designs

 Simple Henna Designs

Easy Recipes (dot) in presents you our latest collection of  Free Style Designs in pretty Henna hand Art. This natural henna artistry is very simple henna designs to draw for any occasional parties .

simple henna designsThis simple and stylish henna designs our easy recipes artist  Designed and applied to  her friend on Eid Party.

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Latest Beautiful Mehndi Design

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs   

This latest beautiful mehndi designs from easy recipes dot in. Colorful and delightful modern easy henna Mehndi design for bridal hand. Especiallythis designs is  in latest Arabic style with some Indian Rajasthani pattern.

This Hand art designed with Floral designs  leaf pattern also this design is preferable for festival like Eid ul-fitr , eid ul-adha, christmas, diwali and all occasion.


This Latest beautiful Mehndi Designs drawn by one of our  Easyrecipes (dot)  in   artist for Eid festivals.  This designs is cool and easy to make your hand simply gorgeously and dashing for any  festival occasions.

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