Latest Beautiful Mehndi Design

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs   

This latest beautiful mehndi designs from easy recipes dot in. Colorful and delightful modern easy henna Mehndi design for bridal hand. Especiallythis designs is  in latest Arabic style with some Indian Rajasthani pattern.

This Hand art designed with Floral designs  leaf pattern also this design is preferable for festival like Eid ul-fitr , eid ul-adha, christmas, diwali and all occasion.


This Latest beautiful Mehndi Designs drawn by one of our  Easyrecipes (dot)  in   artist for Eid festivals.  This designs is cool and easy to make your hand simply gorgeously and dashing for any  festival occasions.

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Modern colourful Mehndi Design

This modern colorful mehndi designs from easy recipes dot in. Modern and colorful henna mehndi designs for Bridal hands in Wedding  and festival occasions. This latest and beautiful Arabic henna mehndi designs pattern is  simple and easy to apply in your hands.

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Front And Back Hand Design

Simple elegant beautiful and stylish mehndi designs with leaves and floral pattern  combination.The Henna mehndi design is intended to appear in the back of the Hand, at the area of the wrist.This Henna mehndi design wraps around the hand with leaves on front and back.The Henna Mehndi designs when done with glitters and gems stones looks great as Bridal Front Hand and Back Hand Eid Arabic simple Henna  Mehndi Design.

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Henna Hand Design

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There are different types of henna. Black, Brown & Brick Red

1. Black is mostly used in countries like Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt and Africans.
2. Brown is mainly used in Arabic designs and mostly in middle east territories.
3. Brick Red colour is used in most of other part of the world mainly in Asian countries.

Nowadays the latest trend of henna application is by using different colours like Blue, Green, Golden, Silver, Metallic and their own wishes. It depends on their interest and their wardrobes. Colour mehandi has now become the latest trend in today’s fashion world.


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