Natural Skin Care

Tips for Skin Care

For Normal or Natural Skin Care

A person with normal skin or natural skin care need not worry about it. Even if they are left uncared or just regular attention is enough for the natural skin care. Just putting a pack for every two weeks can do wonders for normal or natural skin care holders.


Face pack ideas for Natural Skin Type

  • To give a creamy soft texture to the skin you can use natural milk or fresh milk cream as a face pack. This cleanses the skin and a slight massage will help to remove all the dust and dirt give the normal skin a natural  glow and shine.
  • Weekly once you can give massage to your skin gently with natural ingredients
  • Add lemon juice, cucumber to a blender and use this as a pack by gently applying all over the face keeping it for half an hour. This pack is simply cool and refreshing lemon juice acts as an anti bacterial agent and cleans the pores of the skin.
  • Apply rose water or rose oil with the help of a soft tissue or sponge. This refers the face. A simple ingredient but will do splendor to you skin.
  • Mix little honey with lemon juice and use this face pack. This is the most easy process for removing black spots and gives glow to the normal skin type.

A little facial natural skin care weekly once will help your skin retain its beauty after all the tiredness and harshness it get all over the day by all the chemicals, smoke, dust surrounding us.

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