Skin Types

Identify your Skin Type

Finding a Skin type is a very simple process and all are very eager to know their skin type, skin care and skin beauty. Skin type of one depends genetically on new born and later it will defer as their food habits.

To always look great first of all you know your skin type and match it with the best suitable beauty facial treatment  naturally by  easy available food  from our kitchen.

How to Know your skin type?

Finding the skin type in your home is very Cheaper too just a cost of  one fine tissue paper.

Soon after you wake up in the early morning, after 8 hours of sound sleep,  take a blotted tissue paper and press all over your face.

  1. If the tissue has very light oil present in it, your skin is a natural type of skin.
  2. If the tissue paper has more oil patches your skin is said to be oil skin type.
  3. If the tissue paper was found dry and clean, your skin is of the dry type.
  4. If you found patches of oil in the blotted paper in some areas of the face especially nose, forehead, chin and all the other parts slightly dry, your skin types is of the combination variety.
  5. And the last skin type is the sensitive variety with very soft skin even showing redness when slightly pinched.

By this process one can find their type of skin and beautify them accordingly.

Type of Skin Characters

Generally our skin type is of five  characteristic types.

  1. Natural or Normal skin type,
  2. Oily Skin type,
  3. Dry skin type,
  4. Combination Skin type,
  5. Sensitive Skin type.

 Prescription of some best easy healthy food for all types of skin care and healthy skin by EasyRecipes (dot)in

  1. Nuts
  2. carrots
  3. Berries
  4. Pomegranate
  5. Salmon
  6. Avocados
  7. Sunflower Seeds
  8. Dairy Products
  9. Whole Grains
  10. Green Tea and
  11. Olive oil

Maximum Chemical Skin Care products contain the above food extract with some other chemicals ingredients and pigments.

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