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Food Preparation ( Recipes )

Food is a complex mixture of many different chemical components. The study of food preparation involves understanding the changes that occur in these components during preparation as a result of their interaction with one another with the medium of cooking, the temperature of cooking and the environment.

Food preparation of recipes is an important step in meeting the nutritional needs of the family. It is not enough that food be nutritious. It has to be pleasing in appearance and taste so that it is eaten, good preparation of recipes is an important prerequisite of food acceptance. Therefore it is important to acquire the ability to prepare and serve food. Which is nutritious and acceptable to the family. The science of food preparation of recipes is based on the understanding of physical and chemical changes that occur in food during preparation.

This knowledge can be used to combine food ingredients in diverse way to prepare innumerable combination with delicate flavors ; textures and color. Which delight the senses. Thus food preparation of Recipes is both science and an art. Food preparation is very much a part of the culture of the region. Each region has its own Recipes (methods ) of blending flavors to bring about acceptable combination.

Reason for cooking food

Most foods are acceptable only when they are cooked. Except for some fruits and vegetables. most of the foods we eat is cooked. Even the tea or coffee or milk we take in the morning and the bread we take it involves some manner of cooking. For centuries we have nurtured. this are of cooking one of the foremost reason for cooking is that is improve taste. cooking does improve the taste of as simple food as rice It also make the food more palatable. The sight of a raw potato may not even attract a hungry person but the sight of potato chips allures us to sample a few even when we are not hungry. Thus cooking helps to enhance the taste and flavor of food and makes it more appetizing.

A number of desirable changes occur in food during cooking. For instance vegetable become soft. Starchy food like cereals and dals take up water, swell and soften

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