Celebrate Your Day Again

Celebrate your day again:

Its time to celebrate and remember your love . Every February 14 Th,all over the world candy,flowers,gifts,greetings are exchanged between loved ones all in the name of  ST.Valentine , a legend and a patron saint.


It is believed that,valentine while in prison, fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, who visited him often during his confinement.Before the last day of his death,he wrote a letter to her,which he signed by his name “from your valentine” , now the most popular expression of all lovers.

Although the truth behind this story, still remains mysterious it certainly emphasize him as a sympathetic, heroic, and most importantly, romantic figure.

Just whatever it may be, remember your love this day and celebrate as ‘our day’ as the whole world does this. Share your dislikes and start over.

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