RICE BALL DUMPLING ( Kozhukattai )

This is one of the famous festival recipes mainly prepared during the month of Muharram, Islamic New Year.


  • Riceflour-1 cup      muharam-kozhukattai
  • Sugar 1/2 cup
  • Dessicated coconut-1/2 cup
  • Warm water
  • Coconut oil-1 tsp


  1. Mix rice flour,sugar coconut(can also use fresh  scrapped coconut) with warm water firmly until it forms a dough consistency.
  2. Now make small balls or any shape of your choice by applying some oil in your hands.And place in a steamer plate coated with some coconut oil ,this does not allows it to stick together.
  3. Let it steam for 4 minutes.Take it out and cool for a minute.Now its ready to serve.

If you don’t have rice flour you can prepare in your home by soaking raw rice for 15 minutes. Then dry it by placing it in a towel,not under direct sunlight. Grind it coarsely.Now you have the homemade rice flour  ready in your hands.

The best food for all according to all health organizations,is steamed food.Any type of steamed food must be taken in our daily meal,for a good healthy and tasteful life.

Another variation from this recipe which i want to share with you is the milk kozhukattai.You can make the steamed balls and keep aside.

Now boil milk or coconut milk with added sugar and raisins.While boiling put the rice balls and simmer for 10 minutes .Delicious snack is ready to serve.This is one of  keralas and chettinads famous morning breakfast recipe.Traditionally done in coconut milk, still its taste can be remembered in our taste buds whenever we hear its name pall kozhukattai…

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