Latest Henna Designs

Amazing Latest mehndi designs

Simple Tattoo modeled designs are one of the attractive collection designs of this EID festive occasion of all gender and in all culture festivals and parties . Kids & women love filling fantastic and creative Mehndi designs in their hands, legs and nowadays around all parts of their body as a center of attraction  for beauty and prettiness.

Modern mehndi designs  patterns are time conservative and using colored gels and latest available colored mehndi tubes you can adore your festive garments with matching colored classical designs .Just give an outline and fill with colors of your choice. Enjoy this festive season of EID, DIWALI, CHRISTMAS with your favorite designs of festive mehndi designs of EASYRECIPES.IN.

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No headache to pick leaves from henna tree and grind leaves as a paste and put in hand for more hours. Instant latest  mehndi designs are very simple and easy handle to all to draw their own creative mehndi designs as the will in anywhere.

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Diwali Sweet Recipes

Diwali in one of the Indian Festival famously celebrated by  all community  together. Diwali is the festival of the light.

Women and children apply Henna Mehndi in their hand for Diwali festival.


New special Diwali designed dress are available in the market for this Diwali festival.

During Diwali Children’s of  all community  burst crackers along with family and friends and enjoy sweet dishes prepared home.

Everyone send Diwali Greeting Cards to their friends and  loved ones. Nowadays they send E card for Diwali wishes.” Happy Diwali”

Diwali is rather called the festival of  sweets. Most of the  New Film will be released in this day. They go for outing in the evening for watching movie, Shopping, Beach, Children Park, Neighbor house and enjoy the holiday.

Here are some of the most Special Diwali Sweets tried and tested from Easy Recipes.

  • Kuzhi paniyaram
  • Kesari Sweet
  • Sweet Pasta ( Payasam – Kheer )
  • Carrot Halwa 
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Cashew Burfi 
  • Ras Malai
  • Gulab Jamun with coconut Rabri

Diwali Sweets





Some Traditional Diwali Sweets











Enjoy Diwali with our Easy Recipes  Sweets.

Wish You a Happy diwali……..


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Simple Gulf Henna Patterns

Easy Henna Designs

Gulf Henna Designs are very simple designs. It is very fast and easy way of filling your hand. It is a tattoo modeled mehndi design suitable for wedding and bridal henna. Emirate gulf mehndi is for the beginners and best guide to exciting trend of mehndi henna for your hands. These henna patterns are natural beauty. There are many varieties of henna patterns like Pakistani mehndi designs, Rajasthani mehndi designs, Arabic henna designs, Emirates gulf designs the list goes on.

Out of which the popular gulf henna or UAE henna designs needs no experts. provides you more easy ways to select the best festive and party henna designs.

Arabic gulf henna designs are more popular all  over the world. Kids love simple mehndi.

If you want to become a good mehndi artist, try our best henna designs for hands, latest mehndi designs for foot. beautiful indian  mehndi designs from are obsolutely free. Enjoy and fill your hands this festive season of EID, Diwali, CRISTMAS and NEW YEAR with our free and simple mehndi designs.

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