Emirate Arabi Henna Designs

Arabic Eid Henna Designs

Eid is celebrated for happiness in Islamic communities . There is no celebration without henna mehndi for women and modern girls. Art of Mehndi designs is for women and young girls. Henna art makes their hand look very cute and lovely. Eid 2012 is coming soon. All the henna lovers search during Eid to get latest and pretty designs. Mix and match your favorite designs to adore your hands. Get more creative ultimate henna designs through our website www.EasyRecipes.in.

Eid is celebrated in Dubai and all of the tourist love to fill their hands with emirate Arabi Eid Henna Designs, Dubai Designs and  UAE henna Designs  while their visit to the United Arab Emirates UAE .

Emirate henna designs or the gulf henna designs is very simple to fill in your hands within a short span of time without too much intricate henna designs.

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Arabic Henna Design

Eid Hand Designs

Eid Festivals

  1. Eid AL-Fitr – is celebrated on every Islamic calender month end of Ramadan and Shawal first. Eid AL-Fitr  marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.

  2. Eid AL-Adha – is celebrated on every Islamic calender month of Dhul Hijja 10th day to 13 day. This Eid festival known as Feast of Sacrifice, because an animal like lamb or camel is sacrificed as thanksgiving to God. In this time Muslim go for the  Pilgrimage to mecca ( Al-Makkah ) to finish their important sunnah of Haj  in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Eid Henna Designs:

In this Eid festival women and Children apply  henna designs of their own willing stylish model on their hands and legs to celebrate Eid. Below is  one of our Simple Arabic Eid Henna Mehndi Designs for our valuable Readers to celebrate Eid Festival.

This Eid Mehndi design designed with floral and leaf pattern. This henna is simple colorful and modern for any special occasion.


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Henna Hand Design

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